Greetings from Down Under!

It’s hard to believe I have already finished my first week in Sydney, NSW. What an incredible city! Sydney has had so much to offer- spectacular views, shops, museums, beaches, food and great people.


Fighting the jet lag has been tough, but life in Cammeray (North Sydney) has made the transition that much easier. I have been living on a boat in the harbor that is owned by some family friends who have been spectacular hosts to me. The boat even comes complete with puppy named Archie- a cocker spaniel/toy poodle mix.

On Saturday and Sunday, I spent the entirety of the days getting my bearings and exploring the CBD (central business district). Along the way, I walked through the Royale Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, Pitt St. Mall, Darling Harbour, The Rocks and I even visited The Art Gallery of NSW.

Although the days were long (thanks to jet lag), there was something so incredible about exploring Sydney completely on my own. There were no distractions, no contacts, no familiar faces-nothing. For me, this was a big a move. To move to the other side of the world and temporarily ‘start over’ horrified me beyond belief, but I learned to make peace with these worries that seemed to clutter my head for so long prior to my departure. I stopped for a momeFullSizeRender-2nt and looked out at the harbour and just took it all in- reminded myself how lucky I was to be here and have the opportunity to do something incredible like this.

Still eager as ever and happy to be here, I explored the Western suburbs of Sydney on Monday. I got to see the incredible Bondi Beach and walk along it’s beautiful board walk. In that same day, I also took a ride to see Coogee Beach and The Gap. The Gap are these 300ft high cliffs that offer stunning views of waves crashing into rocks and a good look at the vast pacific blue. The Gap even featured some dolphins and whales. Yay whales!

However, Tuesday was by far the highlight of this week. I took a road trip up to the Blue Mountains National park and shit, it was unreal! I learned that the blue hue on the mountains is actually caused by the release of natural oils coming from millions and millions of eucalyptus trees. It was simply breathtaking. I also did a 2 mile hike down into the canyon and got to witness some great wild life, caves, and waterfalls.


To finish off my week, I spent Thursday channeling my inner child at the Taronga Zoo. From kangaroo enclosures to coming within a foot of a koala- literally could not have been any happier. The zoo also has a sick view of the city, because it is adjacent to the Opera/Harbour Bridge.

I’m so looking forward to the rest of my time down here, hope you enjoyed my first post!

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Down Under!

  1. Totally AWESOME. I’m glad you are doing ok. I love your posts and living virtually through your visit to Australia.
    Stay safe.
    Sandy- (ur friend from Noodles 102)


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