At last, I am finally working on settling into my new life here Gold Coast, Queensland. The week has been filled with lots of challenges, adventures, meeting new people and experiencing all that this city has to offer. Here’s a look at my week two journey:

Gold Coast is a smaller city, located in southern Queensland (just above the New South Wales border), filled with high-rise building on the beach as far as the eye can see. In fact, it’s modern flare and architectural influence make it feel rather ‘Miami-esque’! The Gold Coast is famous for it’s beautiful beaches, surfing, hiking, andddd of course some great night life- it’s just about every college kids dream.

Probably the highlight of this week was my visit Burleigh Head National Park. I took a short, yet scenic hike along the coast line and got to witness some incredible wildlife, surf, and costal beauty. If you ever make your way to GC, it’s a must see!

In addition to the great meals, bars, and views, I also took a trip to Sea World today with my family, who came all the way from Istanbul to visit me- yes, I know, I’m lucky. I’ve felt like such a kid lately visiting all types of amusement parks and zoo’s, but I have to say, they’re so different from back at home, and it’s definitely worth it if you plan to visit Australia.



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