Queenstown, New Zealand

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the inherent beauty of Queenstown, NZ. I spent the entirety of my five days in complete and utter awe, taking in just how magical that little place was. Located in the south island of New Zealand, Queenstown is every outdoor-enthusiasts-thrill-seekers paradise! It’s the perfect mix of rugged mountain and charm, something I like to call ‘Mountain Chic’. For those who have been to both the alps and out west to Colorado, it’s like a beautiful combination of Breckenridge meets Alp D’huez. Here’s a look at some photos and a bit of what I did.

On the first full day, my friend Danielle and I wasted no time and got right to the thrill filled portion of the trip- the bungee. Or rather, in my case, the ‘swing’. So heres the difference, the bungee is when you’re tied only at the ankles and you jump off yourself. When you hit the bottom, you bounce (hence the bungee). With a swing, it’s a very similar idea, but instead of bouncing at the bottom, you swing. Also with the swing, its a waist harness and there are about 50 different ways you can go off the platform. In order to simulate the bungee feel as much as possible (the messed up ankle prohibited me from doing the actual bungee), I chose to go upside-down and backwards by the feet. I’m one of the few crazy ones who opted to go off like that. Truly one of the most exhilarating things I’ve done to date! The adrenaline rush is both amazing and addictive. Had it not been for the freezing rain that started coming down in heaps at the end of my jump, I totally would’ve gone again.

The next day, Jackie, Danielle and I did a variety of things around Queenstown. We started the day by taking the gondola up to the top of a mountain for some brunch and some luging. The mountaintop restaurant offered absolutely stunning panoramic views of the mountains, Queenstown, the lakes etc. It actually snowed a bit that morning, which was actually a nice refreshing change from the heat and sunshine that I’ve adapted to in Gold Coast. After that, we took a boat ride down the Shotover river, one of the worlds largest gold mining sites. Though the boat was absolute frigid, the beauty that surrounded us was enough to make us forget about how numb we were.

After a long day of adventuring, we took a trip to the Onsen hot springs, where had a chance to unwind with some champagne, ice-cream, and more scenic mountain views!

On our other days, we spent much of our time exploring the shops that Queenstown had to offer, eating Fergburgers (the most decadent, and incredible burger you’ll eat in your life), hiking mountain trails, and of course, exploring the local bar scene.

Saying good bye to Queenstown was in no way easy, but I know it will certainly not be the last time I get there. If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, make sure Queenstown is on your list!

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