Whitsunday Funday

Nothing says ‘Australia’ more than a weekend on a catamaran and sailing through The Whitsunday Islands. Prior to coming down under, I was speaking to someone at a bar who was Australian, and I remember him raving about the Whitsundays and encouraging me to take a trip there if I had the opportunity to do so- well, I’m so glad I did. It was a beautiful weekend spent with great weather and even greater company.


My friends and I flew to Airlie Beach the day before getting on the boat and had the opportunity to explore the sleepy little beach town. It was so cute and cozy, and actually reminded me a lot of little surf towns in California. It had super chill vibes, definitely a great place for a little weekend get away!

But as you can probably imagine, the sailing the 90 foot catamaran was the highlight of the weekend. We set sail on Friday afternoon and just enjoyed some time out water before dropping anchor in a secluded little cove. It was so picturesque watching the sunset from the white sandy beaches and just being there.

The next day, we got an early start and set sail to the famous Whitehaven beach. No pictures could do this place justice, but all I can say is, it was absolutely breath taking.

If I had to complain about one thing, it was the wetsuits that we were all forced to wear. November is considered ‘stinger season’, which means the water is ‘flooded’ with poisonous box jellies and other varieties of sea creatures. This is yet another example of why Australia is the deadliest country on the planet. However, I am disappointed to say I did not get to see even one of said lurking deadly creatures.

The remainder of the weekend was spent snorkeling and exploring the some of the reefs of the southern Great Barrier Reef. Contrary to popular belief, the reef is NOT dead! It’s dying for sure, but it’s not dead yet. I have to say, however, the diving I did in Byron Bay proved to be far more exciting than the actual Great Barrier Reef itself (which was surprising to me).

In addition to all of the hiking, swimming and sailing, we also were celebrating a birthday for my ‘travel husband’, Adam!

Come Sunday, we were all filthy, sunburnt and exhausted. But, that’s what’s so incredible about traveling- it runs you down mentally and physically, but after a couple of nights of good sleeps, we can’t wait to do it all over again!

Next destination: Cairns,  24th November 2016

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