Cairns and The GBR

Sometimes, the most spontaneous trips are the best trips! This was not one that I had anticipated on taking during my time out here, but then I really thought about it. If you don’t do a proper dive trip to The Great Barrier Reef, did you even go to Australia?

So that’s exactly what I did. Amidst racing the clock to submit my final assignments for the sem, I packed my bags and shipped up to northern Queensland, Cairns, for yet another adventure packed weekend.

The fun began on Thursday night, where I won my first pole dancing competition. It was completely unexpected after having not danced in over four months, BUT, definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. Having an entire crowd of people cheering you on (probably somewhere around 300 ish people) is an incredible feeling. Acrobatics for the win!


Not long after coming off one adrenaline high, it was time for another. So, my friends and I took to the bungee once again! I went for two jumps this time (because obviously one isn’t enough). I did your classic swan dive for the first jump, and felt slightly more daring on the second jump and went for the back dive. Both were totally different experiences but I have to say, I think the swan dive honestly felt scarier.

My friends, however, were more brave than I was. They did an extreme series of three bungees, the last one being where they road a BMX bike off of the roof of the tower. Kim and I watched from below as they came falling from the 170 foot drop.


However, on saturday, dreams came true down on the ocean floor. Myself, Kim, Tom, and Zac completed our first official dive in the GBR. All I can say is it was absolutely mind bending. None of my photos will ever be able to do it justice. The colors, the fish, and other reef life felt other worldly. Diving is so peaceful and really makes you realize how incredible this world is. I cannot honestly image life before it. If you ever get a chance some day, get out and see the reef before it disappears. You will not regret the money spent (or the water that will be stuck in your ears for the next week).

On our final day, we decided to get an early start to the day and go canyoning! For those of you who don’t know what canyoning is, it is when you hike up a mountain and then hike down through the rivers through various different methods (jumping, swimming, climbing, sliding etc). Repelling down a waterfall on a rope was a wildly incredible feeling! I wish I had photos to feature from the trek, but we weren’t allowed to bring GoPros or anything with us besides our helmets and climbing gear.

Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef- I know we will meet again some day!

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